Sire: Deracor D'Artagnan (Martin)
Dam: Kasordon Eye Candy (Tara)

   Tara had 3 puppies on Sunday 26th November 2017. All born healthy & very lively. Over the next few weeks they are with me we will follow their progress as they develop and grow. I hope you enjoy the videos and pictures I post.



Monday 12th February 2018

Managed to get some video of Rosa playing with her mum Tara...


Sunday 11th February 2018

 Rosa is now 11 weeks!


 These 2 really love each other....



Saturday 10th February 2018

An exciting week for Rosa as another vet trip for a check up & her second vaccination, toe nails trimmed, time in the grooming room where she met some 'big' dogs, a run around outside on the grass and meeting the chickens, collar & lead practice & all this with every day play with her mum & tired puppy



Tuesday 6th February 2018

The very beautiful Rosa was 10 weeks old on Sunday - where does the time go! She has had her second vaccination and so it wont be long before she is out and about exploring the big wide world. Such a sweet heart, she loves her daily play sessions with her mum Tara & of course Grandma Ziva. Anyway, heres some photos of Rosa aged 10 weeks...shes a heart melter already!


Rosa loves a snooze with her toys in her crate..



Rosa loves a cheeky chew on her bunny!


Rosa loves to sun herself like the big dogs


Time for a snooze....being a puppy is hard work! 


Monday 29th January 2018

Rosa was 9 weeks old yesterday and she really is a delightful little girl. She has been so good at night since her siblings went to their new homes. I really cant fault her. Here she is having a morning play with Grandma Zia.....I cant decide who is enjoying it more! Should tire them both out though :0)) 



Thursday 25th January 2018

So today was Henrys big day when he starts his new adventures with his new family. That means there will be just Rosa with me now. She will really miss Henry & Pepper.


Henry just before he went to his new home, I know I am biased but he really is rather gorgeous!


...relaxed and waiting for his new family to arrive.


.....watching the kids at play is such tiring work, Tara takes a snooze!


Tara all comfy & out of the kids way!


Henry's last play with Mum Tara & sister Rosa


Henry's last play with Grandma Ziva & Rosa


Wednesday 24th January 2018

A big day for Pepper today as she goes off to her new home.


Pepper aged 8 weeks.....what makes you think I'm chewing something? 


Group photo with mum Tara, Rose, Pepper & Henry


Group photo with Grandma Ziva, Pepper Rosa & Henry 


Grandma Ziva needs a nap, Pepper, Rosa & Henry 


The 3 amigos! Rose, Pepper & Henry


Henry getting a bath before his big day tomorrow


All groomed ready 



Being bathed & groomed is tiring work!


Rose didnt have a bath but had her paws trimmed & thats worn her out!


 Henry pre bath on the left & on the right, falling asleep in the toy basket.


 ...then there were 2. Henry & Rose last evening together.


 Tuesday 23rd January 2018

 Today is the last full day that the puppies will be together. Pepper the black bitch goes to her new home tomorrow and Henry goes on Thursday. They both have wonderful homes and I know they will bring their new owners much happiness over the coming months and years. I will look forward to hearing all about their new adventures. The gold bitch will be staying with me for a couple more weeks.


Pepper having her spa treatment ready for her big day tomorrow.


Pepper, aged 8 weeks, all bathed, paws trimmed ready for her new home. Such a pretty little girl.




 Monday 22nd January 2018

The new tunnel is popular as ever although I dont think this one will last as long as previous tunnels! Henry does love to dig in it, I think its the noise it makes when he digs that he likes. 


Nearing the last play with Grandma Ziva



Henry gold dog, 8 weeks old


Henry gold dog, 8 weeks old


Henry gold dog, 8 weeks old 


Pepper, black bitch - 8 weeks old


Pepper, black bitch - 8 weeks old


Gold bitch - 8 weeks old. Only one photo as she was too wiggly!


Saturday 20th January 2018

Three way tug is the best game ever!


Wednesday 17th January 2018


Tara seeking refuge from her puppies on the back of the sofa...shes not silly as its in full sun so was quite warm and before long she was Zzzzzzzzz! 


Pepper had a little one on one with Grandma Ziva. 


I dont know who was more excited the puppies or Ziva. They were so excited to see her and were quite rough with her but she is so gentle with them....such a lovely Grandma to them. 


 Tuesday 16th January 2018



When you are King of the Cardboard box and your sisters just wont leave you alone!




Sunday 14th January 2018

The puppies are now 7 weeks old - where is the time going! 


Henry head shot, aged 7 weeks


Henry head shot, aged 7 weeks


Doesn't this little chap just melt your heart, gorgeous Henry. Hes going to be a very loving laid back little boy.


Pepper, black bitch, head shot aged 7 weeks


Pepper, black bitch, head shot aged 7 weeks


Pepper caught red handed with a mouthful of cardboard box! Pepper is a confident, playful and loving girl. Shes going to be great fun as she grows up.


Gold bitch head shot aged 7 weeks


Gold bitch head shot aged 7 weeks 

Friday 12th January 2018

Below are some videos of the puppies at play....Grandma Ziva is always a favourite to have a rough and tumble with...she is so patient with them. 



All the puppies love a cardboard box, particularly Henry (gold dog). He & his gold sister played for ages with the box... 

Tueday 9th January 2018


Playing tug of war with a soft ball!

Monday 8th January 2018 

....just to prove Henry is awake sometimes!


Gold Dog now called Henry -  aged 6 weeks


Gold dog now called Henry - 6 weeks old 


Black bitch now called Pepper, aged 6 weeks


Black bitch now called Pepper, aged 6 weeks


Gold bitch aged 6 weeks


Gold bitch aged 6 weeks


Gold bitch - when you are so tired you fall asleep on your toys!



Friday 5th January 2018

We know how to rock it on a Friday night. Whilst cuddling the gold boy he decided he wasnt happy with that so climbed up to my shoulder then fell asleep on my head! Not sure a 'cocker fascinator' hat will take off though. Had to move him in the end coz he was making me very hot!



Morning play with Grandma Ziva!


New Years Day 2018

The puppies had their first play session with Grandma Ziva today and I'm not sure who enjoyed it more....Ziva has always loved puppies and is always amazing with them. Videos & photos below show how gentle she is with them.


Meeting Grandma Ziva for the first time... 



 ...choosing toys from the basket!




New Years Eve 2017

The puppies are 5 weeks old today! 


Gold Dog Puppy - 5 weeks old


Gold Dog Puppy - 5 weeks old


Black Bitch Puppy - 5 weeks old


Gold Bitch Puppy - 5 weeks old


 Gold Bitch Puppy - 5 weeks old


After a big play session the puppies decided that the human was the best place to fall asleep on. Gold dog puppy in my arms.




Wednesday 27th December 2017

A few days behing with the head shots as the madness of Christmas took over! 


Gold dog - 4 weeks and 3 days old 


Gold dog - 4 weeks and 3 days old


Black Bitch - 4 weeks and 3 days old


Black Bitch - 4 weeks and 3 days old


Gold Bitch - 4 weeks and 3 days old


Gold Bitch - 4 weeks and 3 days old


Gold dog puppy was a little sleepy when it was playtime today, hes usually more lively than that! 



Gold Dog puppy - when your too tired to play with your sisters!


Gold Dog - bat eared puppy!


Sleepy gold dog puppy


 ...all by himself..


 ...then there were 2! Black bitch joins gold dog


 ...all in now! Gold dog on the bottom of the pile


 Black bitch has lost her body! Gold bitch top of picture.



Gold dog too hot so moves out...sort of!


...awww peace at last, her batteries have run out!



 All settled after a big play bitch on heat pad to left of picture.



Christmas Day 2017




Gold Dog puppy on his back, his favourite sleeping position!


Friday 22nd December 2017

A big day for the puppies today....their first lession in lapping! This is the first stage to weaning...the start of the messy stage! I've captured their first attempts at lapping and as you can see they all took to it very well. Good puppies!


Gold Dog at top of picture, Gold bitch right hand side of picture


....more lapping! Gold Dog top of picture, Gold Bitch right hand side


Then the mutual face washing afterwards. Gold Bitch in the how her brother and sister start licking her then it turns to biting! Now all fast asleep with full tummies. 

Wednesday 20th December 2017

I heard a bit of noise from the box earlier this evening so went to investigate....I found the dog puppy making his escape to go for a crafty snack from mum whilst she was snoozing outside the box! I managed to capture his escape on video so I can share it with you. This is the second time he has done this....his black sister is the master at it and was the first to discover she could escape.  The gold bitch is being a good girl and as yet hasnt made an escape! Please excuse the noise from the TV as I didnt have time to mute it...


 Tuesday 19th December 2017

A few photos & videos from today.. 


....for a change its the Gold Bitch sleeping on her back! 


Black Bitch at morning weigh in....shes difficult to photo coz shes a wiggly one!


The two girls.


Snack bar is open! Listen to the noises!




Sunday 17th December 2017 - 3 weeks old.

....when your sisters are sleepy & dont really want to play the best thing to do is just bite them anyway! Gold Dog just amusing himself.

A little play before more sleeping. 

Everyone has teeth coming through and its now I start to feel sorry for the poor mum! Their teeth are like needles and as they get bigger they start to get quite rough when feeding from mum. Pictures as follows...


Gold Dog - 3 weeks old 


Gold Dog - 3 weeks old


Black Bitch - 3 weeks old


Black Bitch - 3 weeks old


Gold Bitch - 3 weeks old


Gold Bitch - 3 weeks old


All puppies are starting to grow teeth! This is the gold bitch at 3 weeks old with her teeth starting to show....the little white nubs in the photos. Sorry not overly clear as its quite difficult to hold a puppy, show teeth & take photo by myself!


Group photo @ 3 weeks old - gold dog in his favouite sleeping position on his back!

Sunday 10th December - 2 weeks old.

Everyone has their eyes open now. Here are some head shots so you can see how they are developing - eyes open, ears starting to get a bit longer and heads already changing. They are also starting to move very well around the welping box and even hold their heads up now as if looking around.


Gold Dog - 2 weeks old 


Gold Dog - 2 weeks old - this photo mularky is tiring!


Gold Dog - 2 weeks old


Black Bitch - 2 weeks old. Sticking her tongue out....


Black Bitch - 2 weeks old - tiring stuff! 


Black Bitch - 2 weeks old. I just cant help having another yawn! 


Black Bitch - 2 weeks old 


Black Bitch - 2 weeks old


Gold Bitch - 2 weeks old


Gold Bitch - 2 weeks old


Gold Bitch - 2 weeks old


Tara Pups - 2 weeks old. Gold dog on his back, black bitch sleeping with her tongue out!


Tara Pups - 2 weeks old. Gold dog sleeping on his back. 





Friday 8th December - 12 days old - Eyes are opening!

Just a little update to let you know that eyes are opening! Both girls have nearly both eyes open and as for the little boy....well lets just say hes not quite ready to see the world yet! The photos arent overly clear but hopefully you will see the little eyes peeping out at you.


Gold Dog - 12 days old - nope not ready to open his eyes yet!


 Black bitch - 12 days old - left eye peeking at us!


...& the other little beady eye! 


Gold Bitch - 12 days old. If you look closely you can see oth eyes opening, her right eye more open than her left at the moment.


....just a small slit starting to open 


Gold dog wears blue collar for identification in photos only 




11 days old....everything looks better when you are upside down! (Gold Dog upside down)


Brother & sisterly love....for now anyway!


Sunday 3rd December - 1 week old! 


Blue ribbon laid across gold dog so you can tell thats the boy...he did have it on as a collar but Tara kept licking it off! 



Blue ribbon for photo only so identify gold dog 


Gold Dog & Black Bitch playing peek a boo! 


Gold Dog 


Gold Dog


Black Bitch


Black Bitch


Gold Bitch


Gold Bitch 


Pups at 2 days old - filling out nicely


The day they were born & just a few minutes old already having a feed! Gold dog born at 3.20am, Gold bitch 4.35 am & Black bitch born bottom first at 5.05am