Sire: Deracor D'Artagnan (Martin)

Dam: Kasordon Top Tottie (Elsa)

Elsa gave birth to 3 beautiful puppies on 1st December in the very early hours of the morning. It was a text book birth and Elsa was just amazing. The puppies were born very lively and straight away all wanted a feed from mum which is always a good sign and a relief for me. 1 boy and 2 girls.....I hope you enjoy the photos and video clips below as they grow and develop.

27/01/17 - bathed & trimmed ready for their new homes!


     Elsa Junior (Miss Pink)                       Harvey                                 Roxy (Miss Green)


27/01/17 Well the day is finally here, the first puppy leaves for their new home today - always a sad day for me. Today is Elsa jnr off to her new home, happy life pretty girl! Here is the last play session with all 3 puppies together. 



26/01/17 - a little playtime with Grandma Ziva


 23/01/17 - Delighted to report all puppies now have names - we have Elsa, Harvey and Roxy. Here are their head shots - all aged 7 weeks.


Roxy (formerly Miss Green)  - 7 weeks old


Roxy (formerly Miss Green) - 7weeks old 


Roxy (formerly Miss Green) - 7 weeks old


Elsa (formerly Miss Pink) - 7 weeks old


Elsa (formerly Miss Pink) - 7 weeks old


Elsa (formerly Miss Pink) - 7 weeks old


Harvey (formerly Mr Blue) - 7 weeks old - I dont want my photo taken!


Harvey (formerly Mr Blue) -  7 weeks old


Harvey (formerly Mr Blue) - 7 weeks old 

23/01/17- Today we have a 'yapping competition' between the 3 puppies! 


20/01/17 - A quite morning at Kasordon...!!!



18/01/17 - I just love to hear puppies lapping their bedtime milk and then watch them clean eash others faces - the simple things in life give the greatest pleasure! Have your sound up and watch around the 2 minute mark when they clean each others faces, so cute. At the end Miss Pink (Elsa) hops into bed first, then Mr Blue and Miss Green settles down in her favourite spot in the play pen. I shall miss hearing these noises when they have gone to their new homes :0((


 17/01/17 Tried to get a group photo with Grandma Ziva and Mum Elsa. Unfortunately puppies werent as sleepy as I is the best I could get.


Left to right is Grandma Ziva, Miss Green, Mr Blue, Miss Pink (Elsa jnr) and Mum Elsa 


Grandmas has got bored being photographed and Miss Green checks that Mum is OK 


 ....& now Miss Green checks that Grandma is OK!


17/01/17 -first proper play with the play tunnel!


16/01/17 - Granny Ziva & Mum Elsa play with puppies...yap yap yap! 


 13/0/17 - Playtime is getting a little livelier and noisier these days, Elsa is so patient with them. She has been a wonderful mum.

 13/01/17 - 6 weeks old snuggling puppies!


Miss Green on the left and Mr Blue on the right. 

11/01/17 A big step for the puppies this week as I have moved them into sleeping in a crate now. As you can see they took to it straight away!


Left to right - Mr Blue, Miss Pink (Elsa) and Miss Green at the back 




11/01/17 - more playtime


...& shortly after a big play this happened! All the comfy beds around and they chose to sleep like this... 


Mr Blue asleep on all the toys....Miss Green to the right hand side 


Mr Blue still sleeping on the toys, Miss Green to the left hand side...can you spot Miss Pink? (Elsa) 





06/01/17 - Playing with mum


5/01/17 - 5 weeks old head shots


 Miss Green - 5 weeks old


Miss Green - 5 weeks old


Miss Green - 5 weeks


Miss Green - 5 weeks


 Miss Pink (Elsa) - 5 weeks old


 Miss Pink (Elsa) 5 weeks old - its all too much this photographing!


 Mr Blue - 5 weeks old 


 Mr Blue - 5 weeks old

4/01/17 - Playtime today...Tara takes refuge on the sofa.


..playtime over and Mr Blue decides its time to go back to bed, followed by Miss Pink - clever puppies! Miss Green was still feeling playful. 



New Years Day 2017 - cleaning out the puppy pen and I lost Miss Pink...found her asleep on all the dirty bedding! Mr Blue snooping around in the background.


Auntie Tara just checking Miss Pink is OK. 


Miss Pink completely sparko! Doesnt look very comfy though. 


Miss Green was very sensible and climbed into the soft bed for her nap! 


31/12/16 - Below is Miss Pink on the left having a stretch whilst top and tailing with her brother! 


...full stretch.... 


& relax again! 


No room for Miss Green 



30/12/16 - not much room in the little soft bed now! Miss Pink on the left, Miss Green in the middle and Mr Blue at the top of the picture 

29/12/16 - 4 weeks old today, where i the time going! Today the puppies had their first big play with Granny Ziva.....she loves them.


Mr Blue is being very clever....he climbs out of the box when he wants to go to the toilet and then climbs back in. How clever is that for 4 weeks old!! His sisters havent worked out how to do it yet. I managed to capture him escaping this afternoon...



Miss Pink head shots - 4 weeks old 


Mr Blue head shots - 4 weeks old


Miss Green head shots - 4 weeks old 

 26/12/16 - Boxing day and a big day for the puppies today as they had their first 'lapping' session. As you can see from the video all i did was dip my finger in the milk, put it to their mouths and let them lick it then they were straight in the bowl! They definitely enjoyed it. Two videos for you to watch....they are a bit wobbly as I was trying to do it one handed!



22/12/12 - The puppies are 3 week old today. They have had their first worming and all took it very well. Another pedicure for them all to. All puppies have teeth coming through now as you will see from the photos below....spare a thought for poor Elsa now! 


Miss Pink 3 weeks old


Mr Blue 3 weeks old


Miss Green 3 weeks old


Miss Pink 3 weeks old with teeth


Mr Blue 3 weeks old with teeth


Miss Green 3 weeks old with teeth 


Miss Green relaxing on her back with her sister next to her and brother cuddling mum - 18 days old


18 days old 


18 days old 


Left to right Mr Blue, Miss Pink and Miss Green - 18 days old


Left to right Mr Blue and Miss Pink - 18 days old


Mr Blue & Miss Pink - 18 days old 

21/12/16 - just captured this video of the puppies having a little play. Have the sound up so you can hear the noises, so cute! No collars on for identification as didnt want to interupt them.On the red heat pad is Miss Pink and she is trying to bite Mr Blue. Miss Green is sleeping out of shot for most of this clip. Mr Blue is calling for his mum towards the end of the clip. Then Miss Pink is trying to bite her sister. Hope you enjoy it.



 16/12/16 - 2 weeks old yesterday so here we have some head shots..puppies were a bit sleepy and the girls couldnts stop yawning!


Miss Pink...building for a big yawn...


...& the big yawn from Miss Pink! 


Miss Pink at 15 days old 


Miss Green 15 days and yawning! 

Miss Green - 15 days 


Miss Green - 15 days old 


Mr Blue - 15 days old


Mr Blue - 15 days


15 days old - left to right in these photos is Miss Pink, Miss Green & Mr Blue 





...& Mr Blue has had enough of photos and is just getting into his usually sleeping position laying on top of his sisters! 

A little video clip, not very exciting as they were all a bit sleepy! Notice Miss Green took full advantage of her mum being so close, private session at the milk bar! 



14/12/16 - 13 days old today. They all had a pedicure today and afterwards the puppies wanted some Christmas photos...


Poor Miss Green is being squashed by her brother!





12/12/16 - 11 days old and Miss Green has now started to open her eyes to!


Miss Green opening her eyes today - 11 days old


Mr Blue day 11 and both eyes opening 


Miss Pink 11 days old and eyes opening 


 11/12/16 - 10 days old and eyes are starting to open! Miss Pink and Mr Blue are the first in the eye opening stakes....


Just had to share this...look at the 2 noses photo bombing! Grandma Ziva on the left and Aunty Amber on the right. Miss Pink getting reading to yawn again!

 Miss Pink left eye just opening


Miss Pink right eye opening 


 Mr Blue eye opening!


 Mr Blue, I see you!


 Left to right Miss Pink, Miss Green & Mr Blue - 10 days old


 Same positions as picture above 


Left to right Miss Pink, Miss Green, Mr Blue - 10 days old 





Miss Green - head shot at one week old - caught mid yawn! 


Miss Green


Miss Green just about to yawn again - its clearly hard work being photographed!


Miss Green 


Gold Dog puppy - 1 Week head shot - he was rather wiggly! 


 Gold Dog Puppy


  Gold Dog Puppy


 Miss Pink 1 week old head shots



Snack with mum at 6 days old


6 days old 



6 Days old - Having a snack from mum - the ones wearing collars are the girls (only for identification purposes whilst videoing) 


3 days old and all doing well! Left to right is girl, girl, boy. Look how their little feet are paddling to keep the milk flowing.....hope you've got your sound turned up so you can hear the sucking noises!


3 days old and all hungry


3 days old 


We are so precious and our mum really loves us. 


Just born - 1/2 hour after we all arrived - Miss Green is snuggling under mums front paw/head


Elsa 3 days before babies arrived - she just wanted to be on her back and her Dad to rub her tummy!