Sire: Deracor D'Artagnan (Martin)

Dam: Kasordon Eye Candy (Tara)

 18th November

Olive is now all bathed and ready for her new owner tomorrow. Here she is all spruced up...


....and of course a play with Grandma Ziva helps to not notice that your 2 siblings have gone to their new homes... 


 17th November

So the last full day for the puppies being together is nearly over. When puppies go to their new homes its a day of mixed emotions for me. For the last 8 weeks 24/7 I have loved and cared for these beautiful babies and they come first over and above everything else during this time. I am always sad to see them go but on the other hand proud that they are off for new adventures with their new families. I know they all have super homes and will be loved and spoilt which is all I ever want for one of my precious babies. I wish them all long and happy lives with their new owners.

Toffee & Harley have had their baths and trims ready for their new owners tomorrow. Olive doesnt go until Saturday so she has her bath tomorrow.


Left is Toffee and right is Harley - beautiful heads on these babies and such gentle natures. 


Family shot - Mum Tara, Toffee, Olive, Harley and Grandma Ziva 


 Harley and Olive kept giving each other kisses - so sweet!


Toffee mid yawn! 






 16th November

The joy a new cardboard box brings! 


Toffee loves the cardboard box and will choose to sleep there whenever she can!  



Toffee surely cant be comfortable sleeping like that! Harley has rumbled me, the camera clicking woke him up.


Harley has given up and gone to a nice soft bed...the girls continue to be 'hard core' with Toffee in control of prime position box sleeping! 

For this next video please have your sound turned up high! You will see why.... 


...sorry Helen & family, this is Harley snoring! Although having Olive crashed out on top of you cant help! 

 12th November

...its all go here on a saturday evening! Pups worn out after a big play session.  Toffee loves a box and put herself to bed in it! 




The face washing station is open and Olive takes full advantage...shes a good girl though and returns the favour by washing grandmas face!

Harley enjoying some time with grandma


.....Ziva certainly does love her grand kids! 

Two videos from last night.....warm goats milk at bedtime, make sure you have your sound turned on & you will see why I videoed it for you! The second one is the clean up after goats milk.  



 11th November - puppies are 7 weeks old!

7 weeks old head shots below


Toffee, gold bitch, 7 weeks old


Toffee, gold bitch, 7 weeks old 


Toffee, gold bitch, 7 weeks


Olive, black bitch, 7 weeks old


Olive, black bitch, 7 weeks old


Olive, black bitch, 7 weeks old


 Harley, gold dog, 7 weeks old


Harley, gold dog, 7 weeks old 


Fun with the box...

....more box fun with Toffee in the box & owning it!


 7th November 

Head shots of the puppies aged 6 weeks and a video clip at the end. They have all had their micro chips and were very brave, not a peep out of any of them. Vet check and vaccination tomorrow in preparation for their new homes - time is going too quick for me!


Gold Bitch (called Toffee) - 6 weeks of age 


Gold Bitch (Toffee) - 6 weeks of age


 Gold Bitch (Toffee) - 6 weeks of age


Black Bitch (Olive) - 6 weeks of age


Black Bitch (Olive) - 6 weeks of age 


 Black Bitch (Olive) - 6 weeks of age


Gold Dog (Harley) - 6 weeks of age


Gold Dog (Harley) - 6 weeks of age


Gold Dog (Harley) - 6 weeks of age


It was Grandma Zivas 7th birthday on 7th November so she spent the morning doing what she loves best.....getting mugged by puppies!



 4th November - 6 weeks old today!

Video below shows Olive (black bitch) and her brother Harley (gold dog) playing...Toffee (gold bitch) joins in but was too busy playing with a toy. She likes to take her toys in the folded up play tunnel! Just look how they bounce about like spring lambs, far too cute!


 31st October

Please to announce that all puppies now have names! They are as follows Olive (black bitch), Harley (gold dog) & Toffee (gold bitch). Very lively last night and they gave Grandma Ziva a good going over..... shes so very patient with them as the video show...

Toffee & Harley give the play tunnel a good telling off...Toffee is sat in it, she seems to like it in there! 

And then lastly some photos - they are a bit dark sorry about that!  


Olive testing her teeth on a squeaky toy! 


Toffee on the playmat 


Toffee in the folded up play tunnel 


Harley....he just sat looking at me, think he was getting sleepy  


30th October

Sunday morning play 


The pups are now sleeping in a crate now and Tara is sleeping away from them at night...everyone seems quite content...not a peep out of any of them! 




 Tara in the play tunnel & the pups take the opportunity for a crafty snack!


...& Tara showing how versatile the play tunnel is, now its a comfy bed! 


Black bitch (Olive) 5 weeks head shots




 Gold bitch 5 weeks head shots



Gold dog (Harley) 5 weeks head shots 



 ...just because its cute I'm sharing this short clip of the gold girl moving paper, she particularly likes to carry things around and re-arranging the newspaper is a favourite game! Only a sort clip as by the time i started to video she stopped doing it!



Thursday 27th October

First tunnel play with Auntie Amber....Olive (black girl) was first in and through it, Harley (gold boy) has more fun biting it and the gold girl was just enjoying the whole experience!


Tuesday 25th October

Today was the first big play session with Auntie Amber - all 3 puppies enjoying it and of course Amber loving it. Wont be long before the play tunnel comes out and we all know what fun that is with puppies & Auntie Amber!


 The gold boy, named Harley by his new family is the one playing with Amber in this video. The gold girl is having a quite play and chew with her favourite toy. 


In this video Harley is wearing a blue ribbon for ease of identification. The black girl has been named Olive by her new family. The other girl is awaiting her name. Just love how Harley is playing all rough like a boy does even at this age! 

 Saturday 22nd October

Grandma Ziva couldnt help herself any longer... I had just let Tara out, came back & found Ziva in with the puppies! She knows she shouldnt be in there at the moment as Tara will go mad but the temptation was too much for her.


Thought you might be interested to see puppy teeth at 4 weeks of wonder Tara doesnt always look comfortable feeding them now! Its also a good exercise to get puppies used to having their mouths looked in as you never know when you may need to get something out otf their mouth! Your Vet will also thank you for it in the future ;0)



Thursday 20th October

Love how the boy goes back into the welping box and his sister pats him on the head!


First taste of solid food, well puppy porridge anyway. Think it was a success!


Full tums all round after this 


 Monday 17th October

Nitey nite all! 


....its the gold girl on her back 


   Saturday 15th October - 3 weeks head shots & more..


Gold bitch 3 weeks old 



Black bitch 3 weeks old 



Gold Dog 3 weeks old 


Snack time with mum - gold dog to left of picture 


Black girl was straight in the soft bed I put on the floor for them - at the moment shes first to do everything! Gold sister trying to get in to, brother is sound asleep! 


I love you sister - they like to kiss each other (at the moment!) these two 

In the pictures below the dog puppy is wearing a blue ribbon for identification purposes in the photos only 







 Friday 14th October - 3 weeks old today!

Today I thought I would just try the pups at lapping some milk.....OMG! the results are in the 2 videos below. The black girl was in the bowl straight away no hesitation and the golds werent far behind her. The first video is only short as they really did catch me off guard. The boy is top of picture. In the second video the boy has a blue ribbon on for identification purposes. You can hear Tara in the background whittering as she wasnt happy being kept away from her babies whilst they had their lapping session. 



...and here are the after effects...full tummies & milky faces and feet all round! 



Thursday 13th October 

 Just a quick snap on my phone to share as it was too cute not to!


..sleeping with your back feet in the air. Clearly a gold thing , they look like book ends!Gold boy top of picture and gold girl bottom.

Teeth are now starting to come through and the boys teeth are more advanced than the girls at the moment - poor Tara, puppies & teeth! 


Wednesday 12th October

The puppies are just starting to play with each other and as you can see from the videos below they are moving about quite well. This first video is the 2 golds having a little play session whilst their black sister has a snooze - how cute are they! 


and then there is the 'The Great Escape'....well attempted anyway! All 3 have at various times have been out of the welping box....usually with alot of shouting once they realise they are without their siblings and usually about 2 am! This is them peeking over the top....I hope to catch them in the act so you can see how they do it, watch this space!


Friday 7th October - 2 weeks old today! 

So another milestone for the puppies - 2 weeks old, all have their eyes open and are now moving around losing the seal movement to starting to use their front legs to pull themselves forward. I've taken some photos & videos today which I share with you below. Please note that the Gold Puppy Dog has a blue ribbon on for identification purposes in photos/videos only - he and his gold sister are so alike! Enjoy the photos.....


 Black bitch puppy 2 weeks old  - head shots - the ear fairy has visited!


 Black bitch - I've got mum & the milk bar all to myself!



Gold bitch puppy - 2 weeks old head shots - she was just starting to shout in the middle photo! 


The girls have mum to themselves but black girl wasnt wanting to share! 


Gold Dog puppy - 2 weeks old head shots 


 Gold Dog - milk drunk!









 Sleeping off their breakfast!


 Just love how Tara has a paw over the little boy whilst he feeds.


 Puppies slurping & Tara snoring!!

Dog puppy still feeding whilst his sisters have full tummies! 


Gold girl goes for a wonder - notice how she is now using her front legs instead of just pushing herself around like a seal. 

 Friday 7th October afternoon.....just have to share these pictures as they are soooo cute!


 This was the gold boy trying to encourage his sleeping sisters to play!


& this is the gold girl enjoying the heat pad! 


How cute is she - she looks like she is dancing in the last 3 photos! 


Wednesday 5th October 2016

Exciting times! Eyes are opening at 12 days old. I noticed the gold dog puppy was starting to open his eyes at bedtime last night and then this morning I was greeted with 2 little eyes starting to open. I have tried to take photos of their eyes opening so you can see them but its quite difficult - especially when they are not being very co-operative! The puppies have all had their toe nails trimmed yesterday to. Weight wise they are all little porkers so Tara is doing an excellent job, they are all about 2lbs in weight, the black bitch just a smidge behind.  


Gold bitch - 12 days old - right eye starting to open, its only very slightly opening so difficult to see on the photo


Gold Dog puppy 12 days old - both eyes opening! Grandma Ziva is desperate to do some 'mothering' and likes to join in when I have the puppies out for weighing etc.


Gold Dog puppy 12 days old - trying to show both eyes are open but its not very clear & he was rather wiggly!


 Black Bitch puppy 12 days old - left eye starting to open. Its always difficult trying to photograph black puppies!


Black Bitch puppy 12 days old - sunshine shows the eye a bit clearer


 Black bitch puppy 12 days old - Grandma Ziva cant resist a sneaky sniff!


 Sunday 2nd October 2016


Puppies 9 days old today - our brother makes a fabulous pillow, again! 


23rd September 2016

Tara had 4 beautiful babies during the Friday evening. It became apparent quite quickly that one gold boy was not able to latch on to mum so I then bottle fed him from birth until the following Tuesday evening every hour day and night. I thought we were turning a corner with the little chap, however, Mother Nature clearly had other ideas and sadly he passed away on the Tuesday evening surrounded by his mum, siblings and me. Sometimes it doesn't matter what you do or how hard you try it can still be to no avail and this is really the worst part of having puppies for me. We were all very very upset.

On a brighter night I would like to introduce the 3 puppies who are all doing very well and are as fat as butter - Tara is clearly doing a very good job!

 So we have a gold boy, a gold girl and a black girl - all have homes potentially. Here they are:-


Puppies at 2 days old, top girl, black girl middle, gold boy bottom 



Gold Dog Puppy at 6 days old



Black Bitch Puppy at 6 days old





Gold Bitch Puppy at 6 Days old 



Gold Dog on left of picture, black bitch, gold bitch 


Gold Bitch left of picture, black bitch, gold dog 


When your brother makes a good pillow! 


Gold dog left in picture, black bitch, gold bitch


Looking at them another angle!


Little girl 'milk drunk'  


Full tummies all round, thank you Mum!

Frantic Feeding time! 


All calm now