Sire: Deracor D'Artagnan (Martin)

Dam: Kasordon Eye Candy (Tara) 

If you would like to see pictures of these babies as they grow, please look at the 'Kasordon Cockers Elsewhere' page 


22nd March 2015 - well the puppies are 8 weeks old tomorrow and all are off to their new homes & families during the course of the coming week. Thought I would share their last photos together.........enjoy! 

Left to right - Lexie, Monty, Bailey & Tilly 



Left to right - Lexie, Monty, Bailey & Tilly 


Left to right - Lexie, Monty, Bailey & Tilly 


& with Mum Tara 



Lazy Sunday afternoon! 


& the pups relatives

Left to right - Great Grandma Millie, Grandma Ziva, Mum Tara, Auntie Elsa & the front Auntie Amber

16th March 2015 - 7 weeks old today! Selfie head shots and more videos!


 Gold Bitch


 Black Bitch (Tilly)


Gold Dog (Monty)


Black Dog (Bailey) 



14th March 2015 - tunnel fun with Auntie Amber! Not sure who enjoyed it most! 


....& its all too much for Monty, hard work playing with Auntie Amber! 


9th March 2015 - Puppies 6 weeks old today! The boys are wearing ribbon collars in the video so you can see who is who....Puppy Selfies below video!


...and selfies. The puppies are 6 weeks old 9th March 2015 


Black bitch 


Black dog  


Gold Bitch  


Gold Dog 


6th March 2015 - the 'waggy tail gang' play with Grandm

a! Grandma 'Ziva' has been desperate to get to the babies & today her perseverance paid off whilst my back was turned. As you can see she is very gentle with them & makes a good babysitter - the gold boy (Monty) clearly loves his Grandma as he played with her for ages, so sweet! Sorry no ribbon collars to see who is who!




2nd March 2015 - growing fast! The boys have ribbon collars for the purpose of the videos so you know whose who! You may notice them scratching from time to time & this is perfectly normal. Most puppies will scratch at their necks until they get used to wearing a collar so its nothing to worry about.



24th February 2015 - the puppies have done 'Selfies' so all their new Mums & Dads can see how they are growing :0) 

Black Dog


Gold Dog - someone's a bit sleepy! 


   Black Bitch - hard work doing selfies!


Gold Bitch - its a touch life being a puppy!




23rd February 2015 - 4 weeks old, now starting to play with each other! 



Just love how this little black boy was quite happy playing by himself giving the toys a tough time!




20th February 2015 - First lapping session, very messy & goodness me did they take to it like ducks to water, no encouragement from me required! Such good babies!




16th February 2015 - Puppies are 3 weeks old, eyes & ears open & getting up on their feet! 









Puppies 3 weeks old having a mid day snack! The boys have ribbon collars on for the purpose of the photographs & videos.


Black boy - 3 weeks 16/2/15 


Gold Boy - 3 weeks 16/2/15 



 Gold Girl - 3 weeks 16/2/15


Black Girl - 3 weeks 16/2/15 


12th February 2015



January 2015 

 We are delighted that Tara has had 4 very healthy puppies - 1 black bitch, 1 black dog, 1 gold bitch & a gold dog. Mum & babies are all doing very well. The pictures below show the puppies at 2 weeks of age. If you would like any further information or to be considered for one of these beautiful babies then please feel free to contact me.