Grooming Service

We are able to offer a full grooming service or possibly recommend groomers in your area.

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Neutered Dogs

When you neuter any breed of dog it will affect the texture and possibly colour of coat. Hormones play a huge part in how their coats look and removing the hormones has a dramatic effect on them.

Dogs with a silky coat like a cocker tend to come off worst when they are neutered or spayed. The soft silky coat will turn to a thicker woolly like texture. Each dog is different & the time that it takes varies. Ultimately, it means that if you have had the dog handstripped the only option after neutering is to be clippered. I clipper mine in a 'show style' so they still have a bit of feathering and still look like cockers rather than shaving everything off.

With regards to colour, the goldens/red will lose their colour dramatically...picture below shows the change....Amber on left not spayed, Ziva on the right was spayed in 2017 and look how pale she has gone, she was darker than Amber!