A snood is probably the most important piece of 'equipment' for your cocker.... 

Here are my girls  modelling their new snoods for their holiday!
A snood, as you can see from the picture, holds the ears out of the way of wet/food anything you don't want ears dangling in.
More importantly they keep the ear hole covered which is incredibley important during grass seed season. Grass seeds or any other 'foreign' body in your dogs ear can be very painful for them and very distressing for both you and the dog. The usual sign of something in the ear is vigorous shaking of the head, rubbing the head or excessive scratching and in some cases crying or whining. Below is a picture of the typical type of grass seed that can cause problems...
Any grasses should be avoided during the season but especially spear grass or fox tail grass. If your dog does get a grass seed in the ear you are unlikely to see it as they go deep down into the ear canal and the only way to elivate your pets pain is to seek veterinary assistance as soon as possible - they do not come out by themselves!
The picture above shows a grass seed embedded in the back paw - very painful for the dog & required Veterinary treatment to remove it.  Remember to check feet and ears after every walk to remove any foreign objects - only takes a few minutes and is so important for the health and welfare of your dog. This was a dog that came to me for grooming & the owner hadn't noticed anything wrong!
A water proof snood can also be worn during wet weather to avoid getting the ears soaking wet - I find the ears take ages to dry so my dogs always wear a snood if its wet or damp out.
Its always advisable to get into the habit of checking ears and between the toes (another favourite hiding place for grass seeds!) after every walk. A grass seed between the toes will travel up into the body if not found quickly and removed and the only treatment then is a visit to the vets to get the offending object removed. Dogs will lick excessively at their feet, almost licking it raw, if there is something between the toes.
I make and sell snoods with all proceeds going to Cocker Welfare - all materials are donated by me. If you would like a snood please look at the 'Snood Purchase' page for availability. Prices are £5.00 per snood with P&P charged at cost if it needs posting to you.