Some of the critiques Mac has received from judges:-

Maidenhead & DCS - 16th February 2013
Judge: Maddie Marsh (Fielgar)
2nd Grist's Kasordon Pickpocket, 14 months. Well made, balanced red dog. Coat in excellent condition, needs a little more to complete the picture. Substantial and well off for bone. Masculine without being coarse. Balanced head with soft intelligent expression. Good pigment and correct earset. Lovely mouth. Excellent reach of neck into compact well ribbed body. Once settled moved with drive and purpose using his hindquarters to best advantage.

Portsmouth & Southsea - 10th February 2013
Judge: Sharon Adams (Tillarn)
1st Grist's Kasordon Pickpocket, lovely headed gold dog, OK shoulders, lovely body depth & bend of stifle. Animated mover which sometimes had his tail a bit proud.

Hants & Sussex Cocker Club - 3rd February 2013
Judge: Mr Ian Sparham (Chianja)
1st Grist's Kasordon Pickpocket, 13 months gold boy, showing correct squareness & substance for the breed. Balanced head, good eye, earset & pigmentation, excellent bite & strong teeth, full in forechest with breadth & depth of rib, good front angulation & well let down hindquarters, moving with a true & merry cockery action.

LKA Championship Show -15th December 2012
Judge: Marjorie Coar
Good Citizen Dog
2nd Grist's Kasordon Pickpocket, golden, shiny flat coat, sweet head, short body, good feet & correct angulations. Close decision between 1 & 2.

Devon & Cornwall Cocker Club - Championship Show -24th November 2012
Judge: Tricia Bentley (Canigou)
2nd Grist's Kasordon Pickpocket, 11 months golden, pleasing head, good bone and nice feet, well ribbed, good hindquarters, moved well, just needs more coat to complete the picture.

Camberley Canine - Open Show - 18th November 2012
Judge: Ken Bartlett (Dwilencia)
Junior (No puppy class)
1st Grist's Kasordon Pickpocket, nice outline, lovely head &  expression, good front, firm level topline, moved with drive. BP & PG2.
Best Puppy
Gundog Puppy Group 2Gundog Group Judge was Sue Warrington (Zakova)

Romsey Canine - Open Show - 6th November 2013
Judge: Mrs June Walsh (Milcroft)
1st Grist's Kasordon Pickpocket, golden boy, nice youngster with good head, kind eye, good front & shoulders, good topline, moved very well. BP
Best Puppy
Gundog Puppy Group 4

West of England Cocker Club - Open Show - 7th October 2012
Judge: Barney Edgington (Uxendel)
Solid Puppy
1st Grist's Kasordon Pickpocket, red dog of 10 months, standing on good limbs & moving with drive and purpose, enthusiastic and full of character, head coming on & masculine, kind expression. Body runs up a little light & needs more time to mature. Well presented natural jacket, in sparkling form.

Salisbury & District Canine - Open Show - 26th August 2012
Judge: Hiliary Tye

1st Grist's Kasordon Pickpocket 8 months old who had springs in his feet so it was difficult to assess movement. However, he had a lovely temperament, was well made with a typical head with dark eye, good angulation, good coat, good bone and the right stage of development for his age. Best Puppy

Mid Somerset Agricultural - Open Show -  19th August 2012
Judge: Cheryl Blackley (Wightroche)
1st Grist's Kasordon Pickpocket, 8 months golden boy who won this class on his conformation & rearend movement, was very much a baby but has lots to like, just needs time to develop in body. Good head & expression with excellent reach of neck into well laid shoulders & compact body, good rear angulation with strong hindquarters used on the move well, when he settled, this boy thoroughly enjoyed his time in the ring. Best Puppy.

Hampshire Gundog Society - Open Show - 29th July 2012
Judge: Lucy Reader (Kaniboo)
1st Kasordon Pickpocket, 7 months gold dog, correct head & eye giving a gentle expression, ample reach of neck, balanced outline, moved well, correctly presented for age. Best Puppy.

London Cocker - Breed Open Show - 28th July 2012
Judge: Jane Simmonds (Shenmore)
Any Solid Colour inc. Solid/Tan Puppy
1st Kasordon Pickpocket, promising red boy, pleasing head, well boned legs, neat feet, compact body, extrovert mover, just needs time to develope in body.