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18th September 2016 I am getting ready for the arrival of Taras babies and now have the welping box up in the lounge which now resembles a maternity unit. All the girls, except Millie (shes had enough of kids!), are getting excited as they know something is happening. Tara has been checking out the welping box and has even been snoozing in it for a short period of time so I think that gets her seal of approval. Ziva & Elsa also keep popping in and out but of course its not for them - Ziva who is the best mum ever will be beside herself when the puppies arrive. Of course she will have to curb her maternal instincts until Tara is willing to share mothering the babies! Such a shame that Ziva had such a rough time when she welped as she really was a super mum.

Tara has also had her maternity trim and this is the first time I have taken off leg & tummy feathering - she looks very odd waddling about with skinny legs and tail, a big fat tum and boobies nearly down to the ground, poor girl. She has been so hot though that I felt it was the best thing for her. After all, its only hair and it will grow back - hopefully! 


Tara checking her welping box out


 Cheeky Ziva (Grandma to the puppies) and Auntie Elsa sneek in! I will have trouble keeping Ziva out when the puppies arrive coz she just loves to mother.



September 2016 - we have Tilly stopping on holiday with us for a few days. I now have 6 cockers out for a walk all at once! That attracts some attention I can tell you..!

 August 2016 - we had a major thunderstorm & the amount of water it put down in a short time was shocking. Not one for water our Tara and she flew out the back door to the dog garden. Coming back in I caught her on video....shes such a wuss, doesnt like to get wet, not a hard gundog at all is she!!



Me & my girls on holiday - Orford May 2016 



July 2016 

Well it was Elsa's daughters first birthday on July 5th and we were thrilled to receive this photo of her on her first birthday!


 Poppy had just enjoyed a birthday swim in her local lake - what a beautiful girl she is and we know how much she is loved by her family and everyone at the Vets practice which her owners run. We love you to Poppy!


March 2016 


Please ensure your are familiar with 'Alabama Rot' & the new tick disease 'Babesiosis'. There is plenty of information available via the internet or your vets.

If you are considering buying a working cocker puppy - please read about Accral Mutilation Syndrome (AMS) on the Health page.

 February 2016

We have Tilly on holiday with us at the moment. Tilly is from Tara's litter last January so she is just a year old. Of course she, Amber & Elsa are firm friends and play nicely together. I think Tilly is enjoying it although to start with she was a bit shell shocked to be out on a walk with 5 other dogs. Mind you, I guess it is a bit of a sight, me walking with 6 cockers all wearing snoods! Cars have been slowing down for a good look! 

This mornings walk was lovely in the sunshine and at least we had no rain! My 5 girls are playing ball and Tilly is bouncing about on the extendable lead - I think you can see she is enjoying her holiday with all her relatives!


January 2016

Well I have been a bit slack in updating the website so I apologise for that. Sometimes life and family just take over!

We are delighted that Amber (Kasordon Wildfire) has been awarded her Stud Book Number at the Hampshire & Sussex Cocker Spaniel breed Champion ship show under respected breed specialist judge Mr Andrew Jones (Shenmore). This is my 5th such award all with dogs owned or bred by me, in fact 4 were bred by me. I am immensely proud of my dogs achievements both in the ring and out. 

I have lots of photos of Tara's puppies from the January 2015 litter to pop on the website - all are growing into super dogs and I can honestly say they are all being spoilt rotten which is just how it should be! 


 December 2015

 I complete my training as a Peddymark microchip implanter for dogs. 


  September 2015

 Delighted that Amber has qualifield for Crufts 2016. She had wonderful placings at City of Birmingham Championship show under our breed specialist judge Tanya Lewis (Penmarten). 3rd Junior Bitch and 1st Good Citizen Bitch. Thank you to Tanya for thinking so highly of my precious naughty girl!

The following week (13th September) we were at Richmond Championship show. Amber was placed 4th in both Junior and Open bitch so once again we were pleased to be in the cards!

The next day we hooked up the caravan & all went off to Suffolk for a fortnight on the beach! Check out the holiday snaps under the 'Aldeburgh 2015' tab...only a few to start with and more will follow as I took hundreds!! 

 June 2015

Here is the proof that the girls can be well behaved! This was after their morning walk today and as you can see they wait their turn to come in through the door - clever girls!



May 2015

Thrilled to bits that Amber (Kasordon Wildfire) has passed her Kennel Club Good Citizens Award Bronze level at the tender age of 12 months! What a little super star she is! 


 April 2015

Just had to share this picture of Benson taken by his owner Jaki. Benson is Ambers brother and here he is spying out the window. His little legs are dangling off the sofa like a childs would and his front paws are on the window sill!


Clearly the window obsession runs in the family as if you have seen Ambers page you will see that is where she spends most of her time! 


Crufts 2014!

Being the Treasurer of The Cocker Spaniel Club its a very early start for me at 4.30am to arrive at the NEC for 6am to set the Breed Club stand up. The early start was soon forgotten as we had a wonderful day when Millie was placed 5th in Veteran bitch - her first outing as a Veteran at Crufts. To say we are thrilled is an understatement - we couldn't be more proud. Thank you to judge Wilma Reid (Shanaz) who commented about Millie being in rock hard condition and a credit to us. Millie Mooster certainly is our princess!




 - sorry the photos are not very clear they were taken on a mobile phone! At least it captures the memory of the day.


18th January 2014 - Hants & Sussex Cocker Club Breed Champ Show - a lovely day as Millie was declared Best Veteran Bitch under well respected breed judge Ann Webster (Asquanne). Millie won a bag of dog food & £5 so all in all a good day!


Millie at Hants/Sussex 2014 (photo taken on phone so not best quality!)

8th September 2013 - Richmond Championship Dog Show - we had a fantastic day under Breed Judge Lorraine Palmer (Robraine). Millie was placed 1st Veteran bitch, her first time in Veteran at a Champ show! We were delighted and Millie clearly enjoyed her day. Then I handled Kasordon Kopper Kapers at Astrabrook (Ruby) for my dear friend who is recovering from shoulder surgery. Ruby was placed 2nd in Open bitch behind the eventual RBCC ticket winner! Ruby has now gained her Stud Book Number - we are all thrilled to bits! That means that all 3 girls from Millies first litter have ALL gained their Stud Book Number!! I am so proud of the all!we had a fantastic day under Breed Judge Lorraine Palmer (Robraine). Millie was placed 1st Veteran bitch, her first time in Veteran at a Champ show! We were delighted and Millie clearly enjoyed her day. Then I handled Kasordon Kopper Kapers at Astrabrook (Ruby) for my dear friend who is recovering from shoulder surgery. Ruby was placed 2nd in Open bitch behind the eventual RBCC ticket winner! Ruby has now gained her Stud Book Number - we are all thrilled to bits! That means that all 3 girls from Millies first litter have ALL gained their Stud Book Number!! I am so proud of them all! 

August 2013 - GRASS SEED ALERT! Please please take extra care of you dogs during grass seed season. Over the last two days I have had 2 dogs in for grooming both with really nasty grass seeds embedded & neither owners had realised they were there. Both cases needed veterinary treatment to remove the grass seeds. The picture below shows a grass seed embedded in the back paw - very painful for the dog and to surgically remove this it cost over £120! So for the sake of a few minutes after each walk checking paws/ears etc its got to be worth it both for your dog and your pocket!


27th July 2013 - can't believe Millie has made her debut as a Veteran today! She was placed 2nd in very good company and more importantly thoroughly enjoyed her day out. She was so happy in the ring but I think most of all she enjoyed her cream from my strawberries & cream! Such a loving little girl and always so eager to please, I simply adore her. We both enjoyed the day.

31st May 2013 - My news updates have been a bit sparse due to concentrating on Zivas litter. However we are delighted to report that Mac (Kasordon Pickpocket) qualified for Crufts 2014 at Southern Counties Championship Show under judge Rodney Wyatt. Way to go Macca!!

Mac showing off his Crufts 2014 Qualifier Rosette!


We are delighted that Ziva is expecting a litter in early March 2013. If you would like to be considered for one of these precious babies then please contact me.


18th November 2012 - A lovely day in the sunshine at Camberley & District Canine. Thrilled that Mac was awarded Best Puppy in Breed and then went on to be awarded Gundog Puppy Group 2! WOW what a day!

Also pleased that at the same show Kasordon Maid to Sparkle at Bartomy was awarded 3rd in her Open breed class then went on to be awarded 1st place in Any Variety Gundog Open under Sue Warrington (Zakova). Well done girls, we are so pleased for you!

6th November 2012 - Delighted that Mac was awarded Best Puppy in Breed at Romsey Canine Open shown then went on to win Gundog Puppy Group 4! Woo hoo Macca!

27th October 2012 - We are thrilled to announce that Kasordon Maid to Sparkle at Bartomy (Ellie) has been awarded her Stud Book Number at Midland Counties Championship Show. This gives her a life-time qualification to Crufts and she joins her mum Millie and sister Ziva with this wonderful achievement. Huge thank you to Tom, Barbara & Deborah Hutchison for taking such fabulous care of Ellie and for all the hard work that goes into presenting a dog to the show ring.

4th & 5th August - WOW! busy weekend showing with Mac. National Gundog on 4th but unfortunately Mac wasn't to the judges taste. :0(

All was not lost though as he passed his Good Citizens Bronze award! We are thrilled to bits with this achievement at the tender age of 7 months - Go Macca! :0))

Sunday 5th August at Paignton Championship show in Clyst St Mary Mac had 4th MPD and 5th PD.


15th July - The Cocker Spaniel Club 110th Anniversary Championship Show at Malvern. I am treasurer of the club so its a really busy day for me. Unfortunately, I am unable to show as I am an officer of the club and I don't see much of the judging as I am kept busy all day with my treasurer duties. For full results and photos please visit:


7th July - Mac qualifies for Crufts 2013 at only his second show and at the tender age of 6 ½ months! We are all delighted.


26th June 2012 - A very sad day at Kasordon - our darling Hovis has gone to Rainbow bridge. We are all devastated.


5th May 2012 - Happy Birthday Hovis! 15 years old today! My beautiful precious golden boy, you are loved more than you can ever imagine. Here he is with his cards.....


February 2012 - Ziva gains her stud book number! Yippeee! This means she is qualified for Crufts for life just like her mum Millie! We are so proud of all our doggies!

Not much news to report other than I have been kept busy with Millie and her new babys - 3 beautiful baby boys!  

We are delighted that Ziva has qualifed for Crufts 2012 so will be joining her Mum Millie for the big day - so if you're coming to Crufts 2012 pop along and say hello to us!

Zivas sister Ruby (Kasordon Kopper Kapers at Astrabrook) has also qualified for Crufts 2012. To say I am thrilled is an understatement! Here's a picture of the beautiful Ruby....


We have just heard from Ellies (Kasordon Maid to Sparkle at Bartomy)owners and she has followed in her mothers footsteps by achieving her GOLD Good Citizen Award! Huge congratulations to team Bartomy! We are all so proud! 

Really pleased to report that Millie has now gained Good Citizen Award GOLD!