Kasordon Cockers around the UK

 December 2016

Ruby on the left and Ziva - they are sisters and aged 7 years. As you can see Ruby is much paler than her sister although they used to be the same colour. The colour change has happened because Ruby has been spayed and is now clippered as as result of spaying. Neutering changes the coat texture and colour. As you can see in the case of goldens the colour simpley drains out of them and you are usually left with a pale cream or buff coat colour that feels wooly and thick to the touch.

September 2016  


Benson at home in his garden - photo taken by him mum 


Tilly when she came to stop with us on holiday. 

September 2016

Tilly (a Tara puppy from January 2015) is here on holiday with us for a few days. Here she is as leader of the pack on our walk....sorry about the noise that sounds like a pig, thats Elsa!!! Tilly is wearing the all black snood, her mum Tara is next to her with the black/red snood and her Great Grandma Millie is wearing a leopard sprint snood!


2016 - here are some of the latest photos of Kasordon Cockers who live elsewhere... 



Meet the very handsome Benson who is litter brother to my Amber. Aged 2 years 3 months in these photos.


This is handsome Bailey aged 18 months - he is litter brother to Monty, Lexie and Tilly who were from Taras first litter who are shown below and all aged about the same in the photos. As you can see it all looks like they love a game of ball - something they have definitely inherited from their Grandma and Great Grandma!




 Lexie                                                                            Tilly



This is Ruby who is litter sister to my Ziva - they will be 7 on 7th November 2016 


October 2015 

Here is the latest picture of Poppy - she is so like her mum Elsa at this age! I'm pleased to hear she has settled in very well to her new home and is growing into a lovely girl.


September 2015 - I'm always relieved to hear how a puppy is settling into their new home - I know I'm daft but I always worry until I hear! Poppys new owners have sent me some photos and I think you will agree she certainly looks like she has settled in! 




September 2015 - delighted to see that the very handsome Monty won 2nd prize in a photo competition with this picture! We think he is stunning...........


 ....and here is Lexie enjoying a doggy ice cream and a swim!


All photos courtesy of Monty & Lexies owners 


July 2015 - This is Bailey & how chuffed are we to hear that at not quite 6 months old he has passed his Bronze Challenge Award with his local dog training club! Clever boy Bailey, I think you are taking after your Great Grandma Millie. Huge congratulations to his owners Debbie & Martin for all the hard work - it does pay off eventually!


July 2015 - Here are the puppies that went to Guernsey (different families) at almost 6 months old - Lexie on the left and Monty on the right. They are both growing into beautiful dogs and I'm very proud of how the owners are helping them develop.



May 2015 - just had these pictures of the pups aged 16 weeks! I'm so delighted to see how they are growing up & they are all clearly adored by their owners.


Monty with his stick!


Monty (right) shares a drink with his sister Lexie - both puppies went to Guernsey to different families and they meet up regularly so the puppies can play!


Monty (left) and Lexie enjoy walks together! 



Lexie loves a game of ball! 


Tilly likes to 'help' with the gardening!


Bailey thinks hes king of the sofa! 


April 2015 - well we are now going to overdose on Tara's babies that all went to their new homes at the end of March! I have received some wonderful pictures from the new Mums & Dads and thought I would share them with you here. Tilly came for a weeks holiday with us and had a wonderful time - best buddies with Amber! I hope you enjoy looking at how they are all growing .....



This is Bailey (black) aged approx 12 weeks - what a handsome chap! Photos courtesy of his owners.




Meet Monty (gold) -  what a super boy he is becoming. Photos courtesy of his owners.  



This is Tilly (black) on holiday with us. The video clip below shows how determined Tilly was NOT to stay out in the rain to spend a penny! 






& finally meet Lexie (gold) - such a pretty girl, shes already won a photo competition, clever girl! Photos courtesy of her owners. 


March/April 2015 - I'm always thrilled to receive pictures of babies with their families. Here's some of Tara's litter who've all recently gone to their forever homes.



 This is Tilly who is looking very grown up! Aged 9 weeks. Photo courtesy of her owners.



This is Monty enjoying his garden in Guernsey on a sunny windy day, aged 9 weeks. Photo courtesy of his owners.


March 2015 - Just received this lovely picture of Ruby, who is Ziva's sister (& Rocco who is below). Hard to believe they will be 6 in November 2015! Isn't she beautiful :0))



 Rocco - December 2014 aged 5 years! Where has the time gone, such a super boy who is very loved and spoilt by his owners.










Mac has now been retired from the show ring and is enjoying life in London with Laura and her family. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Laura for giving this very special boy a wonderful loving home where I know he is spoilt rotten! I hope Mac brings you much joy in the years to come. (You can read about Macs show career on the sub menu opposite - we are so proud of all he has achieved)