Edmund Eyebright of Kasordon - Hovis 

Hovis is now at Rainbow bridge but will always be a huge part of our family. Please read our tribute to him on the Rainbow bridge page.


Hovis is quite simply the best friend and companion you could ever want! He has never been in the show ring but he makes me feel like I've won best in show every day - a very special boy who loves everyone and everyone loves him!

Hovis was born on 5th May 1997 and came to live with me on 21st June that same year. Originally, I had wanted a bitch but at that time no one had any gold bitches. After much consideration I decided to go and look at Hovis and his brother (the only 2 gold boys with 3 black sisters) and it was Hovis who chose me! The love affair with cocker spaniels began from the moment I picked him up in my arms - his tail has never stopped wagging since and even waggs in his sleep! I decided I wanted to have a go at showing Hovis as he was from good show lines, however, my personal circumstances changed and it was not to be at that time.

Hovis will be 14 years old this year (2011) and is still very active for his age. He still enjoys swimming and he simply adores puppies and very much takes on a 'fatherly' role although he is affectionately known as 'Uncle Hovis'. He loves company and is never very far away from me unless he is snoozing in the sun of course!


Pedigree for Hovis to follow shortly