The garden at Well Meadow & its visitors...


Not the garden I had hoped for during 2016.....various reasons including rabbits, moles, fruit tree blight etc etc so very little garden produce for us this year as a result.




Mr & Mrs Blackbird worked very hard to raise their babies which were just by grooming shed window 



 Wasps nest in my Himalayan tree - blooming things! 


Thought I would share some pictures of our garden through the year and all the wonderful wildlife that visits us...... (photos taken with either my phone or Ipad so not brilliant quality!)

July 2015 - Everything is so late flowering/growing this year so the adverse weather really has had an impact. However, parts of the garden are just starting to come together here are some pictures.....





This rose is called 'Precious Amber' so of course I just had to have it - not only looks beautiful but smells gorgeous to! 





May 2015 - WOW! WOW! We are lucky to have so many nesting birds in and around the garden at the moment and usually I keep well clear. However, I literally stumbled on this blackbirds nest and its babies so I did a quick video to share with you! Mummy & Daddy Blackbird were soon back feeding them so all is well. Enjoy!