Kasordon Wildfire - Amber

Sire: Quintavia Quantum Leap

Dam: Kasordon Firecracker 





Amber October 2017 


WOW! 2017 starts with a BANG! Having not shown Amber for sometime as she has dropped her coat since having a season, I went to Crufts with no expectations at all. The classes are always HUGE and having a little girl not in her best party frock I decided we were just there to enjoy our day together at the greatest dog show in the world. How thrilled was I when Amber was awarded VHC (5th place!) in her class of 19! Thank you to Judge Rodney Wyatt for appreciating Ambers lovely construction and happy movement. It certainly made our day.

Ambers Grandma Millie was awarded a VHC in the same class in 2009 so perhaps Amber is following in her paw steps. Here are some pictures of the day which for me will certainly be a memory I shall treasure...


...relaxing in the Travelodge the night before, love the blurry tail! 


 6am the morning of Gundog day and before judging starts and my busy time on The Cocker Club stand....




Amber is the cheekiest, loveable little girl. Her best friend is her half sister Elsa and they really are 'partners in crime'. Amber has only been lightly shown so far as she is slow to mature. I hope to campaign her during 2015.

2016....some various photos of Amber through the year....


 Amber July 2016 Photo Copyright Tracy Morgan


       Photo copyright Tracy Morgan 



... caught sitting where she shouldn't be! May 2016 


Ambers favourite sleeing postion


 Worn out after a beach swim & walk Aldeburgh May 2016 


 Amber with her brother Benson - August 2016


Amber & her half sister Elsa - these 2 are sooo naughty together! 


Amber & Elsa....eyes to the right! 


January 2016 - WOW! What a start to the year - Amber has gained       her Stud Book Number under respected breed specialist judge          Mr Andrew Jones (Shenmore) at Hampshire & Sussex Cocker Spaniel Breed Championship show. To say we are delighted is an understatement. A Stud Book Number basically means that she has qualified for Crufts for life so if she never goes to another show again it doesnt matter as she can always go to Crufts. 


Photo taken when Amber was 17 months by Shel Cowles.


**Stop Press!! We are thrilled that Amber has qualified for Crufts 2016 at Birmingham Championship Show on Sunday 6th September 2015. 


...and her rosettes from the day! 



Amber loves the play tunnel that we have out when we have puppies! Of course Amber played in it when she was tiddly - I'm was trying to pack the puppy stuff away till next time. Amber is clearly letting me know she was the play tunnel to stay out! 



We are delighted that Amber has passed her Kennel Club Good Citizen Bronze Award aged just 12 months! 



Ambers birthday photo - 1 year old kindly taken by Shel Cowles 



Amber 'stacked' or show stand - aged 15 months, August 2015 - its a shadow across her head not her colouring. Maturing nicely into a super girl, with a temperament second to none! 



This is Amber aged 11 months. Photo kindly taken by Shel Cowles at WELKS Championship Dog Show 26th April 2015. 



Amber December 2014 aged 7 months. 


Amber loves to sit in the window sill to keep an eye on the birdies and who is coming through the gate! 



.....its hard work keeping an eye on whats going on! 



..& here she is on the other window sill! Thank goodness you can't see the 'nose art' on the windows!