A snood, as you can see from the picture, holds the ears out of the way of wet/food or anything you don’t want ears dangling in.

More importantly they keep the ear hole covered which is incredibly important during grass seed season. Grass seeds or any other ‘foreign’ body in your dogs ear can be very painful for them and very distressing for both you and the dog. The usual sign of something in the ear is vigorous shaking of the head, rubbing the head or excessive scratching and in some cases crying or whining. As soon as you suspect a grass seed please seek a Vets opinion

Below is a picture of the typical type of grass seed that can cause problems…

Not only can they cause an issue in the dogs ears but in any other part of the body, the pointy ends act like a dart so they can piece the skin anywhere. Here is a picture of a dog with a grass seed inbetween the toes of his foot. You can see how swollen & sore it is, very painful for the dog….a trip to the vets to have this removed!

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